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Strategy & Planning Jobs -ETIHAD AIRWAYS

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etihad jobs

Etihad’s gigantic development can’t be accomplished without its long and short-terms system and arranging groups. Our system arranging group deals with the armada of 110 planes, and is in charge of 111 Etihad destinations and additionally, about 500 destinations with our accomplices.

etihad jobs

Etihad extended 14.3 million income travelers a year ago. We ceaselessly endeavor to improve the valuing dissemination, interline assentions, industry taxes and ticketing and the advancement of evaluating systems at a large scale level. The additional test and many-sided quality for both our Revenue Management and Network Planning groups is to influence on our value associations and furnish our visitors with better travel alternatives, whilst constantly enhancing income.

Opportunities in S&P incorporate, Network Planning, Revenue Management Systems and Operations, Route Strategy, Demand Management, Pricing and Operational Research and are for the most part situated in our Hub, Abu Dhabi. In this segment you will likewise discover all occupations in our JV Amadeus and Armaguard, where we search for qualified authorized drivers and superb client administration suppliers.

Etihad Airways (Arabic شركة الاتحاد للطيران sharikat alittiḥād liṭṭayarān) is a banner bearer and the second-biggest carrier of the UAE (after Emirates).

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Cabin Crew – Brussels Assessment Centre


Cabin Crew – Netherlands Assessment Centre

Cabin Crew – Worldwide

Cabin Crew- Portugal Assessment Centre

Cabin Crew – Spain Assessment Centre

Manager – HR Business Intelligence

Customer Service Officer (Arabic speaker)



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