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  • 1991 - 2022
    Holy Cross College

    Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (Diploma Holder)

    he Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.E.Ed.) program is a four-year integrated professional degree program offered after the higher secondary stage of school . B.E.Ed. is designed to integrate the study of subject knowledge, human development, pedagogical knowledge, and communication skills

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  • 2022 - 2021
    JPS International

    HSE Officer /Emergency Response Team Supervisor

    Report Incidents/Accidents to Safety Manager
    Assist Nurse and response to any emergencies or Injuries on site.
    Manage the incident and ensure the continuing safety of themselves, bystanders, and the casualty
    Assess any casualties and discover the nature & because of their injuries or illnesses
    Arrange for further medical help or other emergency services to attend.
    Assist the Nurse and priorities casualty treatment based upon medical need
    Provide appropriate first aid treatment
    Record observations of Injured Person, ideally monitoring Vital Signs, and information
    Provide a handover when further medical help arrives
    Submit any paperwork as required following the incident

  • 2021 - Present
    Rosewood Hotel Tower, Katara Hospitality Towers; Project P675 Company: IMAR


    Induction (Training of the employees on safety, company policy & procedures and regulations pertaining to employee’s safety.
    Ensure compliance with all applicable health & safety regulations and all necessary records maintained and prepared according to established guidelines.
    Keep abreast of current occupational legislation and requirements to bring workplaces into compliance.
    Provides a quality check of the permits, supporting documents and certificates prior to issuance of the permit
    Check and record all the daily and weekly permits.
    Responsible in induction processes and procedures
    Responsible of submission of all correspondence to the safety manager, consultants, and sub-contractor.
    Submission of daily, weekly report.
    Record keeping of all safety personnel files, training, and drills.
    Performs other function as may be assign by the immediate supervisor from time to time.

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