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  • Founded Date January 1, 1900
  • Sectors Culinary , Engineering jobs , Food and Beverages , Housekeeping , Information technology , Sales & Marketing , spa
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Fairmont is a pioneer in the overall cordiality industry, with an unmistakable social occasion and a general reputation for remarkableness. Our contrasting portfolio joins striking images, choice resorts and present day downtown range properties.

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From the shorelines of Hawaii and Bermuda to the heart of New York City, most of our lodgings offer a pervasive guest experience that is astoundingly ”Fairmont”.

Motels under the Fairmont standard offer guests an excellent spot that is made by merging stand-out configuration and structure, expressive elaborate design and inventiveness, and superb parts all in one mind boggling range. Include wonderful backing of this and the result is an unprecedented trial that would make your memory of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts a long and continuing one. By far most of our lodgings were among the principle structures to be brought up in energetic urban groups transversely over North America. Couple of lodgings can gloat that their gatherings really grew up around them. Today, we have included present day downtown zone properties to our social affair, with focus ranges that grant you to join the hurrying about of the city, make part in the move of the business region, and value the lifestyle, the lights and insights of street life.

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